Our Team

Graduate Students

Julian Chua

Contact: julian.chua@ucalgary.ca

Home TownCalgary, AlbertaEducationBachelors of Science; Cellular, Molecular, Microbial Biology (Honours)Research InterestsUsing single-cell transcriptomics to characterize stem cells.HobbiesSports and Hiking

Fynn Mitchell

Contact: fynnis.mitchell@ucalgary.ca

Home TownCalgary, AlbertaEducationBachelor of Science, ZoologyResearch InterestsStem cell biology and regulation, intestinal homeostasis, colorectal cancerHobbiesMusic, Hiking, Automobiles

Undergraduate Students

Ashley Whitaker

Contact: ashley.whitaker@ucalgary.ca

Home TownCalgary, AlbertaEducationBachelor of Science; Cellular, Molecular, and Microbial Biology (Honours)Research InterestsStem cell biology, IBS and IBD. Specifically, recapitulation of IBD characteristic LGR5+ CBC expansion in intestinal monolayers and investigating metabolites in IBS. HobbiesAthletics (triathlon, hiking, paddleboarding and weightlifting), piano/song writing, crocheting, reading, and photography 

Parnika Sakthivel

Contact: parnika.sakthivel@ucalgary.ca

Home TownCalgary, AlbertaEducationBachelor of Health Science, Biomedical SciencesResearch InterestsExploring the role of cancer stem cells in the initiation of cancer, and possibilities for reversing the transformation of a normal cell to a cancer stem cell.HobbiesTravelling, Crocheting, Spending Time Outdoors.

Former Team Members

Areeba Maqsood

Contact: areeba.maqsood@ucalgary.ca

Home TownLahore, PakistanEducationBachelors of Science, Biological SciencesResearch InterestsInvestigatig the effect of DNA repair genes on tumor behaviorHobbiesBaking, Video editing, Travelling, Reading, Painting

Anastasiia Stoianova

Contact: anastasiia.stoianova@ucalgary.ca 

Home TownLuhansk, UkraineEducationDoctor of Medicine (MD) at the University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany and Bogomolets National Medical University, Kyiv, UkraineResearch Interests: Investigating resistance mechanisms in colorectal cancer against T-cell immune response using a human colon cancer organoid-based model; Immunology; Tumor research; Microbiology; HematologyHobbies: I enjoy being outside, especially traveling and blogging about my experiences. Going for a nice hike or a walk is something I like too. When I'm indoors, I love reading books, playing musical instruments like the piano and ukulele, and learning new things.

Alina (Jiaru) Pan

Contact: jiaru.pan@ucalgary.ca

Home TownGuangzhou, ChinaEducationBachelor of Science, Cellular Molecular Microbial BiologyResearch InterestsDevelopment of an organoid-based pre-clinical model of therapeutic resistance and antigen presentation in colorectal cancer HobbiesI spend my leisure time baking, crafting, or hiking in the mountains. I also love to travel and discover new places and cultures around the world!

Myles Whelen

Contact: myles.whelen@ucalgary.ca 

Home Town: Calgary, AlbertaEducationPursuing Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Cellular, Molecular, and Microbial BiologyResearch InterestsUsing single-cell transcriptomics to study stem cell regulation; medical geneticsHobbiesSkiing, mountain biking, hiking, music, cooking

Lucas Chuk

Contact: Lucas.Chuk@ucalgary.ca

Home TownCalgary, AlbertaEducationBachelors of Science BiologyResearch InterestsDevelopment of embryos and stem cell differentiation and dedifferentiationHobbiesCooking and playing volleyball (indoor and outdoor)