Selected Articles:

Ayyaz A, Kumar S, Sangiorgi B, Ghoshal B, Gosio J, Ouladan S, Fink M,BarutcuS, Trcka D, Shen J, Chan K, Wrana JL and Gregorieff A. 

Single-Cell Transcriptomes Of The Regenerating Intestine Reveal A Revival Stem Cell. 

Nature 569 (7754), 121-125 (2019).

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Also see comments by Li SW in News & Views: 

Yap in Regeneration and Symmetry Breaking. Nature Cell Biology 21, 665-673 (2019).

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Morral C*, Ayyaz A*, Kuo HC*, Fink M, Verginadis I, Daniel AR, Burner DN, Driver LM, Satow S, Hasapis S, Ghinnagow R, Luo L, Ma Y, Attardi LD, Koumenis C, Minn A, Wrana JL, Lee CL, Kirsch DG (*equal contribution)

p53 Promotes Revival Stem Cells In The Regenerating Intestine After Severe Radiation Injury

Nature Communications 15: 3018 (2024).

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Dervovic D, Chen ELY, Malik A, Afiuni S, Boucher J, Berman JM, Teng K, Ayyaz A, Lu YQ, Narimatsu M, Mbamalu, Loganathan S, Martinez S, Tsai R, Lee JB, Zhang L, Wrana J, Roux PP, Jackson HW, Schramek D.

In Vivo CRISPR Screens Reveal Serpinb9 And Adam2 as Regulators Of Immune Therapy Response In Lung Cancer

Nature Communications 14: 3150 (2023).

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Rahme BS, Lestradet M, Venanzio GD, Ayyaz A, Yamba MW, Lazzaro M, Liegeois S, Vescovi EG, Ferrandon D.

The fliR Gene Contributes To The Virulence Of S. marcescens In A Drosophila Intestinal Infection Model. 

Scientific Reports 12, 3068 (2022).

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Baghdadi MB, Ayyaz A, Coquenlorge S, Chu B, Kumar S, Streutker C, Wrana JL, Kim TH

Enteric Glial Cell Heterogeneity Regulates Intestinal Stem Cell Niches. 

Cell Stem Cell 29 (1), 86-100 (2021).

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Goldsmith JR, Spitofsky N, Zamani A, Hood R, Boggs A, Li X, Li M, Reiner E, Ayyaz A, Etwebi Z, Lu L, Rivera Guzman J, Bou-Dargham MJ, Cathoupolis T, Hakonarson H, Sun H, Wrana JL, Gonzalez MV, Chen YH. 

TNFAIP8 Controls Murine Intestinal Stem Cell Homeostasis and Regeneration by Regulating Microbiome-Induced Akt Signaling. 

Nature Communications 11, Article number: 2591 (2020).

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Ayyaz A, Attisano L and Wrana JL. 

Recent Advances in Understanding Contextual TGFβ Signaling.

F1000 Research 6 (F1000 Faculty Rev.): 749 (2017).

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Sousa-Victor P, Ayyaz A, Yayashi R, Qi Y, Madden DT, Lunyak VV, and Jasper H. 

Piwi Is Required to Limit Exhaustion Of Aging Somatic Stem Cells. 

Cell Reports 20 (11): 2527-2537 (2017).

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Ayyaz A, Hongjie L and Jasper H. 

Haemocytes Control Stem Cell Activity in The Drosophila Intestine. 

Nature Cell Biology 17, 736-748 (2015). 

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Also see comments by Weaver LN and Drummond-Barbosa D in News & Views: 

Gut Healing: Haemocytes Aid Via Sax and Tkv Jazzes It Down. Nature Cell Biology 17, 707-709 (2015).

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