Our Team

Undergraduate Students

Lucas Chuk

Contact: Lucas.Chuk@ucalgary.ca

Home Town: Calgary, AlbertaEducation: Bachelors of Science BiologyResearch Interests: Development of embryos and stem cell differentiation and dedifferentiationHobbies: Cooking and playing volleyball (indoor and outdoor)

Alina (Jiaru) Pan

Contact: jiaru.pan@ucalgary.ca

Home Town: Guangzhou, ChinaEducation: Bachelor of Science, Cellular Molecular Microbial BiologyResearch Interests: Development of an organoid-based pre-clinical model of therapeutic resistance and antigen presentation in colorectal cancer Hobbies: I spend my leisure time baking, crafting, or hiking in the mountains. I also love to travel and discover new places and cultures around the world!

Myles Whelen

Contact: myles.whelen@ucalgary.ca

Home Town: Calgary, AlbertaEducation: Pursuing Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Cellular, Molecular, and Microbial BiologyResearch Interests: Using single-cell transcriptomics to study stem cell regulation; medical geneticsHobbies: Skiing, mountain biking, hiking, music, cooking